About Camel Cookies

Camel Cookies Blending the classic cookies temperament with contemporary creations, Camel Cookies brings extremely flavorful cookies to your coffee table. It is the leading and dynamic local taste-maker.

The coffee tradition is redefined at Camel Cookies, with a unique twist of our signature, scrumptious cookies variety that leaves you stunt with every single bite.

Camel Cookies uses cookies, coffees and cold drinks in an innovative way, incorporating the fresh, local flavors of dates, Saffron and Arabian coffee specialties and the trendiest recipes. We serve as your one-stop dessert coffee shop with a modern twist. Our unique cookies creations and freshly baked products give you a trendy, uplifting, and a delightfully sweet experience every time you visit.

Being a leading and dynamic local taste-maker, Camel Cookies uses the finest ingredients to deliver the best-quality products with exceptional customer service. In order to meet on time customer’s requirements and retain freshness in camel cookies, we are consistently opening new outlets, letting our customers taste their favorite cookies without any deferral, anytime, anywhere.

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